Love Can’t Tell Time

‘Love Can’t Tell Time’ is Murray’s eighteenth album. Through this collection of songs, Murray celebrates his love of playing guitar. While living in Italy in 2013, he rediscovered this joy. This album was recorded simply, live off the floor.

Album Information

Release Date: March 3, 2017
Genres: Folk
Label: True North Records
CAT #: TND641

Track Listing

  1. Pick Yourself Up
  2. Love Just Can’t Tell Time
  3. The Luckiest Guy
  4. My Martini
  5. Hey There
  6. Come Fly With Me
  7. Little White Lies
  8. I’m Not Gonna Waste a Minute of My Life
  9. The Second Half of Life
  10. When You’re At The Top


      1. The Luckiest Guy - Murray McLauchlan

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