Murray's accolades and appearances


Throughout Murray’s career he has been recognized for his many talents, and most recently, was inducted into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame.

1973 RPM Gold Leaf – Composer Of The Year
1973 RPM Gold Leaf – Country Single
1973 RPM Gold Leaf – Folk Singer Of The Year
1975 Juno – Country Male Vocalist
1976 Juno – Country Male Vocalist
1978 Juno – Folk Singer Of The Year
1979 Juno – Country Male Vocalist
1983 Juno – Country Male Vocalist
1984 Juno – Country Male Vocalist
1985 Juno – Country Male Vocalist
1985 RPM Big Country – Male Vocalist
1986 Juno – Country Male Vocalist
1986 RPM Big Country – Male Vocalist
1988 Juno – Country Male Vocalist
1993 Order of Canada
2016 Canadian Country Music Hall Of Fame
2018 Governor General’s Performing Arts Award



Murray’s music writing talent shave been show cased in Television through his career.

Partners – Movie-Director, Don Owen (Starred Denholm Elliot, Hollis Mclaren)
Alligator Shoes – Director: Clay Borris
Melanie – Starring: Don Johnson


Murray has performed and starred in many television productions throughout his career. This list are the highlights.

1974 Lorne Michaels, Hart Pomerantz Hour
1970s Nashville North (Ian And Sylvia) Numerous
1970s/80s Tommy Hunter Show – Numerous Appearances
Played The First Ever Chum City Simulcast From The El Mocambo In Toronto
Ralph Emery Show TNN-Several Appearances
1989 Ian And Sylvia Reunion, CBC
1989 Country Gold, CBC
1991 Mariposa Special, CTV (Hosted)
1994 Blame It On The Blues (Brian Orser Special), CBC
1994 Rita And Friends, CBC

Special Roles


Murray has starred in many television specials, his own and often specials hosted by other wonderful performers.

Camera And Song, BBC TV
1976 Murray Mclauchlan/On The Boulevard, CBC
1986 Floating Over Canada, CBC



Murray has starred in many television series as an actor, in primetime television as well as in children’s television.

Partners – Movie-Director, Don Owen (Cameo)
Street Legal, CBC TV, Supporting Part
Neon Rider, CTV “Running Man” Virtur/Ricker (Feature Role)
Sesame Street
The Elephant Show