Human Writes

In this 10–song collection of new original songs, McLauchlan illuminates the tapestry of the human experience and reveals the world though his eyes. Simply put, Human Writes is a work of art that you will revisit time and time again, a pinnacle piece in a lifetime of achievement.

Album Information

Original Release Date: 2011
Digital Release Date: 2011-10-18
Genres: Folk, Roots
Label: True North Records
CAT #: TND545

Track Listing

  1. Start Again 4:70
  2. Bad Times 3:70
  3. Painting Floors 5:43
  4. Run Away To Sea 4:51
  5. Sunshine and Shadow 4:16
  6. Then Where Would I Be 3:35
  7. Almost Constantly Confused 3:40
  8. Pickin’ Up Mary Lou 3:57
  9. My Wildest Dreams 3:30
  10. Ambitious Life 4:15


      1. Painting Floors - Murray McLauchlan

      2. My Wildest Dreams - Murray McLauchlan

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