Hourglass is a collection of songs that address the shocking events of the recent past and the ongoing trajectory of a troubled world but also the sweetness of life itself. McLauchlan began with a deeply personal series of poems and then married them to rootsy guitar licks and riffs, to build one of his most political and personal albums. Soaring pedal steel, delicate piano melodies and deft guitar playing bring the lyrics to life, in a project that ultimately celebrates the resilience of the human spirit.

Talk About Hourglass

“The Juno Award winner’s 20th studio album is perhaps his finest.
The album feels much like a simple request of what we need to do better as a society all set to swooning pedal steels and arpeggiated acoustic guitars.” Maverick magazine – U.K

“With its soothing melodies, gently burnished arrangements and gentle, assured vocals, the messaging is conveyed with the reflective wisdom of a respected elder, one who emphasizes a certain strength rather than scolding its subjects into submission.” American Songwriter Magazine — U.S.A.

“Murray McLauchlan, Hourglass – my favourite album of the year. Make sure you get a copy, it will do your soul good.” Cashbox Magazine—Canada

“McLauchlan is merely opening the blinds for us and he does it so eloquently. Simply put, Hourglass is one that will stand the test of time and add new songs to his growing lists of classics.” The Spill magazine—Toronto, Canada

“Despite the gentle music on the album, songs like ‘The One Percent’ and ‘America’ really hit hard lyrically.” Get Ready to Rock – U.K.

“Listening to the sharply directed words and empathetic sentiments on this unassumingly lovely album, there is little doubt that McLauchlan is already wide awake, and his hourglass keeps perfect timing.” Folk Radio – U.K.

“Hourglass finds McLauchlan still evolving artistically, crafting some of the best compositions in his long and celebrated career.” The Music Express, Canada

“McLauchlan’s latest album Hourglass is a deeply personal and unflinching look inside himself as a songwriter and human being. It is also a brilliant commentary about our times and some of McLauchlan’s strongest material to date!” Best of Western New York

“That’s the subtle deal with Murray McLauchlan’s music: He “never shouts what he knows”, yet he still stands under all the stars in the evening sky and sings with that brilliant and quietly assertive voice, a really decent prayer for a very modern world-a world that still needs, thankfully, a really modern folk song.” Folking.com – U.K.

Album Information

Original Release Date: 2021-08-09
Digital Release Date: 2021-08-09
Genres: Folk, Canadiana
Label: True North Records
CAT #: TND777

Track Listing

  1. The One Percent 3:00
  2. Pandemic Blues 3:52
  3. America 4:18
  4. If You’re Out There 4:08
  5. Hourglass 2:47
  6. A Thomson Day 3:08
  7. Lying By The Sea 3:08
  8. I Live On A White Cloud 3:51
  9. Shining City on A Hill 2:45
  10. Wishes 2:20


      1. A Thomson Day (For Tom Thomson)

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